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GroundUpSound is a UK publisher and label releasing original music from a small group of independent artists, including among others ‘Live Earth’ from the UK, with some very emotive and epic ambient looping soundscapes both live and in the studio. Live Earth are a duo - brothers Dennis and Steve Dracup, who also have solo work released by us.
Also of note is multimedia artist Dany Tomasini from Italy, ambient, electronic, experimental, minimalist. He has been known to get a beat going from time to time too!

Established in 2006, phase one of the launch being to provide a media production music library from the extensive archives of brothers Dennis Dracup and Steve Dracup; original recordings built up over 20 years or more! The catalogue is currently being made available for online download - see the banner links below.
Over 1,000 individual cuts and continually expanding…..

Full album releases are continually being added to the music catalogue – click 'DOWNLOAD' on the top menu to access tha album pages where you can preview and purchase music from all of our artists.

Loads more releases planned over the course of the year! We’ve just begun to scratch the surface of a vast store of until-now hidden gems!!!
Be sure to check out all of our artist pages regularly.



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